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Successful Rare surgery to remove a duct attached to the abdominal wall


Successful Rare Surgery To Remove A Duct Attached To The Abdominal Wall

A twenty-year-old patient visited Dr. Mohammad Yunus Al-Obaid clinic, Consultant General and Endoscopic Surgery at AGH Hofuf. He was suffering from severe pain at the navel with swelling and a constant desire to urinate with a burning sensation in urination. He suffered from a bladder navel, which is the remnant of a canal extending from the urinary bladder to the navel.

The operation was performed laparoscopically and culminated in success, as the canal (extending from the urinary bladder to the navel) was removed and the origin of the canal was tied at the urinary bladder. Dr.Alobeid noted that this kind of problem is rare.

The doctor also explained that the bladder navel is: a fibrous remnant found in the fetus that connects the bladder to the umbilical cord and joins with it, and it is the channel that empties the urinary bladder for the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy. This channel was damaged and closed at the 12th week of pregnancy, and sometimes the closure is incomplete, and the channel remains partially or completely open.

The patients may not feel anything at all or complain of pain, swelling, or secretions from the navel, and urine infection.

This patient was suffering from pain in the navel and swelling with the presence of burning sensation during urination and had visited other clinics before coming to AGH and was diagnosed as a hernia at the navel, but the examinations showed otherwise.

This case, despite being rare, emphasizes the importance of taking the medical history accurately and making the necessary examination to obtain a correct diagnosis.


Dr. Mohammad Younes

Consultant General Surgeon/Laproscopic & Bariatric