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AGH Hospitals Throws a Farewell Party to Dr. Pirzada


Almana General Hospitals bid farewell to Dr. Wajhat Ali Pirzada, a senior doctors, who worked as a Consultant and Eye Surgeon for more than thirty-five years at the group’s headquarters in Al-Khobar.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mana cheered Dr. Pirzada for his outstanding and distinguished work throughout the years he spent with the hospital and the advice he provided to all patients and visitors. Dr. Pirzada is one of the finest and the most renowned doctor in the field of Ophthalmology at Almana Hospitals.

Dr. Pirzada emphasized that a strong bond linked him with the Almana Hospitals and with the city of Khobar where he stayed for nearly four decades. He thanked all Almana General Hospitals employees and those who put trust in him.