ENT Department is a sophisticate department staffed by highly qualified surgeons. The Department provides a wide range of services in both outpatient and in-patient departments. A state-of-the-art ENT Operating Room supports this busy department. The staff is highly qualified and has a wide range of training in many countries including U.S.A. The staff attends regular Seminars and study days keeping them abreast with current scientific practices and modern technology.

Our Department’s Goal is to give the patient the best quality of care and consider any problem he/she faces. We believe in teamwork to ensure high standards of care and the most successful surgical outcomes.


  • The OPD clinics are spacious and fully equipped with the latest technology. The experienced Consultants specialize in different aspects of ENT practice.
  • Audiology is an integral part of the ENT Department. It also is very well equipped with the latest technology including VNG facilitating precise evaluation of the patient’s hearing and dizziness.
  • Speech Therapy Unit: this serves in the rehabilitation of all types of patients including those with Cochlear Implants.


  • We have generous inpatient facilities. Caring and skilled nursing staff to give best services.
    The facilities comprise semi private, private and suite rooms.


  • The ENT Department has its own Operating Theatres. These are equipped with top of the range Operating Microscopes, Video Recording facilities for all Ultra-Fine operations in Ear Surgeries. We also have specialized equipment for Endoscopic Nasal Surgeries, Laryngeal Surgeries and Head and Neck Surgeries. We are leaders in Laser and Coblation Surgeries in the region. We maintain high standards of Infection Control and patient Safety.

Otology – Neurotology:

  • Tympanoplasty
  • Ossiculoplasty (Hearing Bones Reconstruction)
  • Stapedotomy (Conventional and Laser)
  • Surgery for chronic suppurative otitis media including Cholesteatoma
  • Surgery for congenital anomalies (meatal atresia, bat ears)
  • Surgical procedures for dizzy patients
  • Surgical procedures for Cochleo-Vestibular Nerve Tumors
  • Surgery for Ear malignancies
  • Cochlear Implant Surgery

Rhinology & Para-Nasal Sinuses:

  • Septoplasty
  • Turbinoplasty
  • Turbinates Reduction using Laser and Coblation
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Endoscopic closure of Skull Base Defects
  • Endoscopic Spheno-Palatine Artery Ligation for uncontrolled bleeding.

Head & Neck Surgeries

  • All operations involving removal of benign and malignant tumors of Head & Neck
  • Reconstructive procedures post head & neck tumor removal.

Laser Surgery
For more than ten years, we have been using Laser for all Otolaryngology surgeries including Ear, Nose and Throat.
Coblation assisted Surgeries
Coblation (Radio Frequency) has been in use for different types of surgeries for over four years:

  • Removal or reduction of tonsils. Coblation procedures minimize blood loss during surgery and offers almost painless post-operative recovery. This also reduces the tonsils if they threaten to obstruct the airway.
  • In nasal surgery it reduces the size of the Turbinate in severe allergic reactions.
  • Most importantly, it is used with 90% success rate in incidences of Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Audiology Services

Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with ear disorders and hearing loss for adults and children.

- Hearing tests in newborns

- Central ear pressure Test

- Provision and adjustment of hearing aids

- Cochlear implants

- Diagnosis and treatment of Dizziness

- Evaluate and diagnose: Language disorders - Pronunciation - Speaking - Voice - Hearing aids - nervous communication - swallowing disorders.

  • We are a referral centre for Audiology Services for the Eastern Provience. All aspects of hearing evaluation is performed by qualified Audiology Consultant and Specialists
  • All relevant Vestibular Evaluation tests (for dizzy patients) are performed in this specialized area we have modern equipment including VNG.
  • Hearing Aid Centre: Evaluation of hearing, prescribing suitable Hearing Aid, programming, maintaining and supplying the Hearing Aid takes place in the Audiology Clinic.

Speech Centre Evaluation and Rehabilitation

  • Evaluation and Rehabilitation of all speech deficits, including in the Elderly and post – operative Laryngectomy patients is performed here.
  • Rehabilitation of post Cochlear Implant Surgery patients
  • Rehabilitation of Delayed Speech Disorders

The Clinic is staffed by highly qualified Speech Therapists.