Al Mana Premiere Program – “ALL ABOUT YOU”

Do you get your checkup regularly??

Is your work putting excessive mental and physical stress??

Are you feeling fatigue and lethargic at work??

Do you follow up your health condition??

Are you waiting for your health to be at risk to take the preventive measures??

And you Ma'am!!... Have you ever devoted a part of your time to check on your health??


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and from this saying, Almana general hospitals aim through this new program to give your health the attention it deserves in the manner that fit your busy schedule. It's not your usual checkup, it's called an Al Mana Premiere Program with the latest modern medical devices.

For busy people, time is money. And we value your time and aim to make your visit with us as efficient and as comprehensive as possible. So, we designed this program to fit with your time that you specify including the following procedures: 

First procedure:

The program coordinator will arrange an appointment in your suitable time and manage with the other medical departments for the examinations and book the (VIP) room.

Second procedure:

The coordinator will escort the patient to the (VIP) room where he/she has to change to warm up suit provided by the hospital, and introduce the nurse who’s taking care of the patient throughout the examination period.

Third procedure:

The nurse will check patient’s blood pressure and body temperature.

Fourth procedure:

Internal Medicine doctor will carry out a full examination to assess the general health condition of the patient.

Fifth procedure:

A phlebotomist will come and extract blood (for Calcium, Cholesterol, FBS, LFT, Phosphorus, Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, TSH, CBC, ESR, PSA, D3, B12)




  • Patient doesn’t need to wait long. Soon he will be escorted by the VIP patient service coordinator to the:

 - OPD Tower for ENT consultation & Audiogram (for diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose and throat), OPTHALMOLOGY consultation (for visual abnormalities), Cardiac Clinic for EKG, Stress Test (for heart abnormalities) & Pulmonary Function Test (for lung abnormalities).

  • For female patients additional test like Mammography & Cytopathology is provided.


Sixth procedure:

Patient will be escorted back to his/ her VIP room where he will change back into his own clothes and get some rest and a snack with coffee or tea before leaving.

Seventh procedure:

After few days, patient will receive a comprehensive report of all investigations/ examinations done. The patient can choose to have the doctor review and explain the results to them in person or over the phone, and discreetly.

Our services and focus is about one thing: the patient. From the time you arrive up to the time you will go home you will feel the special attention you deserve.