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Successful Complicated Laparoscopic Gastrectomy performed in AGH Dammam



Successful Complicated Laparoscopic Gastrectomy performed in AGH Dammam to remove a big Tumor from 59yrs old patient's stomach

A 59 years old diabetic gentleman was admitted to AGH- Dammam with 10 days history of passing black stools and feeling dizzy. On the initial blood and cardiac tests he was found to have severe anaemia and have suffered a heart attack.

He underwent Aniogram and was found to have narrowing in the arteries supplying the heart.

Part of the anaemia and black stools investigations he underwent upper endoscopy and found to have a big tumour in the stomach.

The ideal treatment for this case was immediate surgery to remove majority of the stomach to stop the bleeding and remove the tumour. Since the patient had a heart attack on admission, the risk of dying from anaesthesia in the first month after heart attacks is 30%.

The patient was having constant bleeding from the tumour and kept having regular blood transfusions over a 4 week period.

After conducting a multidisciplinary meeting with cardiology, surgeons and physicians, we decided to perform surgery at 4 weeks though the risk of anaesthesia death was still significantly high.



Dr. Sami Mansour, Consultant Bariatric & General Surgeon - performed key hole surgery to remove most of the stomach and reconfigure the small bowel (Laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy and roux-en-y reconstruction)

The patient recovered well and his haemoglobin remained normal for 3 consecutive days postoperatively.

He was safely discharged home on day 3 after the operation.


Dr. Sami Mansour

Consultant Bariatric & General Surgeon