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Successful bariatric surgery in a high risk 67 years old


A 67 years old male presented to Dr. Sami Mansour - Consultant Bariatric & General Surgeon clinic for weight loss surgery. His height was 170, weight 167 Kg and BMI 58. He had no medical background apart from poor mobility. On preassessment clinic check he was found to have high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythm. Patient was referred to the cardiology clinic and had few attempts to fix his heart rhythm. This was failed due to patient large body habitus. He was deemed to be very high anaesthetic risk due to his heart condition, age and lack of mobility.


After multidisciplinary discussion between surgeon, anaesthetist and cardiologist, Doctors decied to proceed for surgery. Patient underwent successful sleeve gastrectomy and discharged home on day 2. On his 4 week postoperative clinic visit the patient had lost 25 Kg since surgery and weight 142 Kg, his heart condition stabilized and mobility improved.


This was a high anesthetic and surgical risk (super obese) patient who underwent successful bariatric surgery which improved his health and lifestyle.



Dr. Sami Mansour

Consultant Bariatric & General Surgeon