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A successful rare surgery on a patient who lost movement in the right side of the body


Dr. Ashraf Al-Kardani, Consultant Neurosurgeon at AGH Jubail, performed a rare surgery on a 42-year-old patient who was in a traffic accident that made him lose movement on the right side of the body and caused severe weakness of the left side.

The patient arrived in a critical condition to the emergency of AlMana General Hospital in Jubail. The medical team headed by Dr. Ashraf Al-Kardani was summoned. They decided to perform an urgent surgery in order to save the patient and preserve his ability to move. This conclusion was taken after performing the necessary x-rays that showed the presence of Dislocation between the sixth and seventh vertebrae, and the entry of cartilage into the spinal cord, which exposes the patient to a significant risk of quadriplegia as a result of the injury to the spinal cord. To avoid this, an urgent surgical operation was performed, through which a cervical slice was inserted after removing the cartilage, and fixed it with screws in order to make a cervical vertebral fusion, which helps to re-establish the vertebrae that were damaged due to the dislocation.

The patient was able to regain his ability to walk a few days after the operation and was discharged after two weeks from the hospital in a stable condition.


It is worth noting that Dr. Ashraf Al-Kardani is one of the most prominent doctor in the field of neurosurgery in the Kingdom, and has contributed to the treatment of many difficult and intractable cases.


Dr. Ashraf Alkerdany

Consultant Neurosurgeon