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His Excellency the Ameen of the Eastern Province inaugurates the vision roundabout


His Excellency the Ameen of the Eastern Province , Eng.Fahd bin Mohammed Al-Jubeir, inaugurated the Vision Roundabout between King Faisal Road and the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road in Khobar.

AGH CEO, Mr. Mana bin Mansour Almana, expressed his deep thanks to His Highness the Prince of the Eastern Province for their keenness to move the region towards the vision 2030 quickly by activating the relationship between the public and private sectors and working hard to beautify all facilities, and felt great pride when they were given the task of presenting a national work.

This opening of the roundabout coincides with the celebrations of AGH's 70 Years of Care Anniversary.

Inspitation of the Idea
The distinctive and picturesque nature of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and especially the Arabian Desert and sand dunes that express the beauty and dynamic movement of the wind and the property of writing on this soft sand.  A vision of time as present and future is expressed on these dunes in an expressive manner, holes that combine to form a vision of a prosperous and ambitious future. 

Implementation of  Design
The design work was carried out over a period of two years in Al Khobar city, and specialists were hired from several fields to ensure that all the details are done with high accuracy.

Symbolization of the Roundabout
Art in general is an expression and with expression artists reflect their personal and social life in contemporary times . For example, there are several artistic movements that reflect this perception, such as the period of the artistic separation movement in Vienna in 1897. This art reflects social issues and separates traditional art from contemporary art. It includes the details of life to show the artist the expression of this time, such as the paintings of Gustav Klimt, And the expression of property and possessions as the most important element of that time.
Here, the roundabout expresses a time of vision and the rise of technology. The expression of the contemporary movement lies in the use of the latest modern technologies in design and implementation. 

Technologies and Material Used
The design was done using the latest techniques. Then the projection was done on the designed form and the images were converted into holes that were distributed in all shapes. The design was implemented without the need to print the drawings using the plasma cutting feature. 

How many plates
84 units of different dimensions we used.

What are the dimensions. Height and diameter
The roundabout size is 11,300 square meters. With a diameter of 120 m and the rotor worked 90-100 meters and the maximum height of the rotor is about 11 m.

Where were the panels manufactured?
The panels has been manufactured by experienced engineers and supervisors in Dammam.