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Contract signed between AGH & Abbott Diagnostics Mediserv


Almana Group of Hospitals (AGH) signed a contract with one of the leading company in laboratory industry “Abbott Diagnostics - Mediserv” for Total lab automation (TLA) projects in AGH Laboratories in Khobar, and Azizyah, and  for the preparation of  Almana laboratories in Almana medical center "AMC" Rakkah, and  Almana Polyclinic –Dammam 2nd industrial area.

Advantages of Using laboratory automation:

- Enhance results turn around time: By automation of all lab pre-analytical steps , the patients results can be released in less time especially for emergency services   

- Provide valuable walk away time for lab technicians and specialist , eliminate time consuming by lab specialist  in simple tasks as tube labeling ,alleqoutting, capping and uncapping , they  can use their valuable skills and time  in more specialized tasks

- Eliminate possibilities of human errors and  increase efficiency : there are many steps involved in preparing and keeping track of samples in lab, Lab automation not only decrease possibilities of human errors associated with sample preparation but also it increase efficiency in lab by allowing the user to track samples , therefore reducing the possibility of lost or misplaced samples

- Save laboratory valuable space: saving space to introduce other specialties services

- Associated advanced middleware programs  that assure proper patient results verification , high quality control system,  advanced reagent management system that assure continuous reagent supplies for patient services